Terms and conditions for orders and payments


This online store is a market venue for certain products/services of Rejlers Finland Oy (business ID 0765069-8) (later referred to as “Rejlers”). These terms and conditions apply to the trading relationship between Rejlers and their corporate customers and concerns orders placed via the online store. These terms and conditions also apply to any services carried out by Rejlers with the aid of subcontractors.

Rejlers have the right to update these terms and conditions with no prior notice. Specific terms and conditions defined in the order confirmation apply to each product/service.

Rejlers is not liable for compensating any damages caused by Force Majeure. A case of Force Majeure constitutes any such unforeseeable fact or change in conditions that is beyond Rejlers’ control, including any regulations, restrictions, and effects due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rejlers webstore sells expert services that have been rendered compatible with online store sales via commercialisation. To enable the delivery of products with the defined contents, schedules, and prices, receiving an order confirmation from Rejlers requires that the Purchaser has provided the specifications listed for each product (under the button “Required specifications”) in a timely manner. To ensure a good customer experience, a product manager will contact the Purchaser after an order has been placed and confirms the existence and availability of the specifications. Confirmation of the existence and availability of specifications is a prerequisite for an order confirmation. After confirming the order, the production of the service is initiated.

The requested specifications should be sent to the e-mail address mentioned in the product description. To guarantee data and document security, Rejlers do not accept any data on mobile saving devices or as physical documents. If needed, Rejlers can help you in digitising the specification data.

Rejlers have the right to cancel the delivery of an assignment if, despite confirming, the specifications are not available within a certain timeframe from the order confirmation defined in the product description, or the specifications are incompatible for the purpose. In such cases, Rejlers will reimburse the order price that has already been paid, less processing costs of 15%.


The online store products are of standardised content, and any changes made to them may incur unforeseeable changes to capacity and schedule. Rejlers reserve the right to not approve any proposed changes.

If changes can be agreed upon during delivery, any costs incurred will be separately invoiced. Changes in content do not affect the basic price of the ordered service.


Rejlers webstore is intended for services delivered to Finland. Our product managers offer services for foreign delivery separately, and are happy to help in any other services provided by Rejlers as well.

Any temporary changes to promised schedules or availability of services (for example, holiday seasons, pandemics) are notified on the online store website and prompt a notification when adding a service to the shopping cart.


Rejlers webstore products are invoiced 100% as of the order, by an immediate online bank transfer or credit card payment. If, for reasons caused by the purchaser, the order cannot be confirmed (for example, due to missing specifications), the payment will be reimbursed less a processing cost of 15%.


A received payment will be reimbursed 100% if Rejlers cannot deliver the product with the promised content or if the delivery is delayed by more than 30 days for reasons caused by us.


A sales contract between corporate customers and Rejlers complies primarily to these terms and conditions and, in all other respects, the Finnish Sales of Goods Act.

When placing an order, a customer shall provide their complete contact details. These include the name, phone number and e-mail address of the company’s contact person, business ID, postal address, phone number(s) and, where applicable, invoicing address of the company.

Customer data will be saved/have been saved in the customer register of Rejlers Finland Oy, which information is used for the purpose of maintaining customer relationships. In addition, Rejlers Finland Oy and other companies of the same group have the right to process and release data in the register for justified purposes in accordance with applicable legislation.

A GDPR-compliant privacy statement can be seen on our website and, in addition, at our office: Rejlers Finland Oy, Vapaalantie 2B, 01650 Vantaa. Additional information on the privacy statement.

After a purchase has been made, the customer may receive an invitation to give a product review. Responding to this invitation is voluntary. The invitation only concerns products/services already purchased by the customer. The review is shown without publicly revealing the customer’s contact details. Rejlers use information collected via product reviews to improve their customer experience and services.

Rejlers’ website uses cookies, which enables the development of the website to make it even more user-friendly. The purpose of cookies at Rejlers’ website is to ease, improve, and speed up the user experience. Cookies may also be used to provide better-targeted offers and product recommendations to the customers. A cookie is a small text file that Rejlers’ web server saves on the user’s hard disk. Some of the contents at Rejlers’ website may contain software or links by third parties, in which case the functioning of the website also requires accepting third-party cookies. The user’s browser is likely to accept cookies as a default setting, but the user can also disable cookies in the browser settings or by deleting cookies from the browser at the end of each use. The browser’s instructions of use contain information on cookie settings and how to change them.


Prices include value added tax and costs of delivery. If delivering of the service requires an expert visit to the customer site, a function on the website will calculate travel expenses according to information provided by the customer, and these expenses will be included in the service price shown on the website. If there are obvious errors in the prices shown on our website, or if wrong information is shown on the website for technical reasons, the product/service will not be sold at a price lower than the correct price if it can be deemed that the customer should have understood there was an error.

We always check the prices upon processing an order. Any incorrect prices on the order electronically sent by the customer will be corrected on the order confirmation.

In our order confirmation, we will provide an estimated delivery time based on our demand situation at the time. For several products, it is also possible to agree on a delivery time deviating from that stated on the product information page; however, this is decided on a case-to-case basis. Rejlers is not liable for any delays caused by unforeseeable changes beyond their control. Rejlers do not sell their products for distribution or resale.


The mode of delivery depends on the nature of the service. Additional information on modes of delivery for different products/services is available at our website. Rejlers’ shopping cart automatically calculates travel expenses and costs of delivery into the price. A service or bundle of services included in a single order may be delivered in several shipments or batches.

It is our goal to confirm each order by sending the Customer a separate order confirmation within two (2) workdays (=other than official days off such as celebrations or religious holidays, Saturdays and Sundays) from receiving the order.

As a rule, Rejlers will reserve other products/services of the same order for the customer at the expense of delaying the delivery of one product/service, unless the delay is caused by Force Majeure.


Up-to-date information on methods of payment can be found at the Rejlers webstore site. Please note that online payment (e-payment) with bank credentials requires the registration of a customer account.

Corporate customers can use credit card and bank transfer to pay for their purchases at our online store. For certain services, the default payment method is invoicing, for example when the final price of the service is unknown at the time of placing the order. Additional information via e-mail at the address: finland.sales@rejlers.fi.

If the customer fails to pay for the ordered products/services, and the work for the order has already started, Rejlers have the right, at their discretion, to (a) suspend the delivery of the ordered product/service with immediate effect; (b) cancel the sale, and (c) legally seek for compensation of damages.


The payment intermediary for the online store is Visma Pay (Paybyway Oy, business ID 2486559-4), which is registered as a payment service provider under the Financial Supervisory Authority. Payments proceed via the Visma Pay website, and the payment recipient shown on your bank statement or invoice is Visma Pay or Paybyway Oy. Visma Pay intermediates the payments to the online store owner. Payments are safe, because all data related to the payment are relayed via an encrypted connection, preventing any outsiders from seeing the payment information.

The sale is made between the customer and the online store. The online store owns all the responsibilities related to the sale.

Read more about Visma Pay: https://www.visma.fi/vismapay/


At the online store, you may choose an e-invoice or any of the payment methods offered by the Visma Pay service.

When using an e-invoice as payment method, Rejlers will send an e-invoice to you prior to delivery; the e-invoice will be sent to the e-invoice address you provided upon placing the order. Prior to this, Rejlers may check your company’s credit records.

Via the Visma Pay service, you can pay with web bank accounts, mobile wallet, payment cards (credit/debit), or with an invoice or a partial payment plan. The following payments methods are available: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Säästöpankki, Aktia, Paikallisosuuspankit, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, MobilePay, Masterpass, Pivo, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard payment cards, as well as the Jousto and Enterpay invoicing plans.

Jousto invoice and partial payment plan is a Finnish service for fast and safe shopping. Jousto is intended for private persons who have untainted credit records. Jousto will give you a payment period of 30 days with no interest or other costs. After receiving the invoice, you can decide whether to pay it in full or in instalments. The partial payment plan enables you to pay in up to 36 instalments, from EUR 9.90 per month. The cost of Jousto partial payment plan is EUR 3.90 per month and a credit interest rate of 19.90%. Jousto is available for purchases of EUR 30 to EUR 3,000. The lending credit institution is Aurajoki Nordic Oy. Read more about Jousto at www.jousto.com.

Visma Pay
Visma Pay payment methods


Visma Pay, Paybyway Oy (business ID 2486559-4)

e-mail: helpdesk@vismapay.com

Phone: +358 (0)9 315 42 037 (weekdays from 8am to 16pm)

Postal address: Laserkatu 6, 53850 Lappeenranta


The products/services of Rejlers webstore are intended for companies only, and their general nature is such that precludes the cancelling of orders. The said limitations concern situations where delivery of the service has already commenced. The services are also practically impossible to return.

Consumer Protection Act does not apply to trade between companies.

Reclamations are separately processed, and any actions related to them are carried out in accordance with a written, duly approved contract.

Service products or digital content do not have a right of cancellation if delivery of the service has already commenced, or the electronic delivery of digital content has been initiated. Therefore, these terms and conditions inform the Customer in advance that there is no right to cancel.


If the product/service comes with a warranty granted by Rejlers, it shall be defined in accordance with the terms stated in the order confirmation. The Customer has a duty to read the warranty terms on the order confirmation of the product/service in advance prior to delivery. The warranty period may vary according to the nature of the product/service.

The Customer is responsible for backing up any data or software recorded on digital media.

Liability of digital recordings always belongs to the party with the risk. If the customer has the risk, Rejlers is not liable for any defects, malfunctions, loss, or other damages to data or software recorded on digital media.

For any products/services that have no actual warranty according to the order confirmation, Rejlers has the statutory product liability.


Reclamations are processed in writing only. Reclamations can be sent either by e-mail to the address: finland.sales@rejlers.fi or as postal letter to the address mentioned below. The website offers a possibility to send feedback.

Reclamations are processed by our legal department together with our technical experts.

Settlement of disputes and jurisdiction: All disputes that have not been settled by mutual negotiations between the parties within 30 days will be processed using the court at the domicile of Rejlers Finland Oy as the sole forum.


Rejlers is not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, or loss of income caused by the product and/or service, unless it has been otherwise agreed upon explicitly, in writing, and signed by a person authorised to sign on behalf of Rejlers Finland Oy. Rejlers’ liability to compensate for damages is always restricted to the content of these terms and conditions. Product liability is restricted to possibly reimbursing the price of the sale, less Rejlers’ expenses.

Making copies of recoverable files for the Customer after their files have been damaged, and finding out the possibilities for recovery by Rejlers’ actions, constitute chargeable ancillary services. For the avoidance of doubt, recovery of any files saved by the Customer cannot be guaranteed but materials, software and data delivered electronically can, in a majority of cases, be re-sent to the Customer in their original form.

Force Majeure

Rejlers are not responsible to comply with the contract if there is an obstacle constituting a case of Force Majeure which they cannot reasonably overcome. Rejlers are not liable to compensate any damages or costs incurred to the Customer in a case of Force Majeure. When Rejlers is the party affected by Force Majeure, both Parties have the right to terminate the contract; however, any work completed by that time shall be compensated to Rejlers in accordance to the contract. The Parties shall inform each other about both the Force Majeure and its ceasing with no delay. Force Majeure also includes any regulations, restrictions, and effects due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition, terms stated in sections 7.5 and 7.6 of General Conditions for Consulting (KSE 2013) apply to cases of Force Majeure.

Upon placing an order and/or an invitation to tender at our online store, the Customer accepts the terms and conditions of Rejlers webstore. Rejlers cannot apply any other than the aforementioned terms and conditions in the online store. Therefore, no terms and conditions for procurement published and recommended by the Customer or their organisation do not apply, unless separately agreed upon with Rejlers in writing.


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