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Expert services at a totally new market venue: an online store.

Commercialised services at an online store

For over 40 years now, Rejlers Finland have created first-rate customer experiences by providing versatile expert services for advanced-level tasks.

We have discovered that a major part of our assignments require services that can be commercialised into standardised-content products allowing fixed or unit-based pricing.

Thanks to this discovery, we can now offer expert services at a totally new market venue: an online store.

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Enjoy the ease of ordering

It is now possible to browse through expert services at an online store, choose the service products that match your needs, get to know their content with no rush, and buy them instantly without the pain of a lengthy tender-quote process.

The service product you bought will be delivered by the time promised and at the exact price given to you at the time of ordering.

Rejlers webstore is an easy, fast and simple way of buying precisely defined expert services. As our customer, you can enjoy the time saved by the online ordering process as well as the certainty of knowing exactly which services are included and at what price.

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Frequently asked questions

Everyone benefits from buying online


A standardised way of delivering ordered products with high quality every time will save time for everyone and make scheduling easier.


Eliminating the tender-quote process saves at least one week per project.


Immediate visibility of the exact price and content enables easier comparison between products.


Standardised products allow us to know how the service is delivered. Precise instructions for every task yield impeccable results regardless of who does the work.

Rejlers cooperates with leading companies

Over 1,000 rapidly developing professionals, partnering up as one team in Finland.

  • Valmet
  • Volvo
  • ABB
  • Andritz
  • Pfizer
  • SSAB
  • Metsä Group
  • Boliden