Safety development day

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External expert guidance on matters related to safety.

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Product information


The Safety Development Day service is for customers who are in need of expert guidance on matters related to safety.

The theme of the development day may be, for example, making old machines safer, improving the safety culture in the company, analysing process safety, practical application of legislative or standard requirements, chemical safety, defining responsibilities at a joint construction site, occupational safety activities of the company, or some other, more detailed sector of technical safety such as safety in ATEX spaces or functional safety.

The service includes a one-workday (8 h) participation of the expert and any travel expenses related to the development day.

A Rejlers HSEQ expert will supervise the development day, which can accommodate a maximum of 10 attendants from the customer. The customer is responsible for organising the facilities (conference rooms, catering, etc.) for the development day.

The customer will be given a summary of the development day, describing the main topics discussed during the day as well as any procedures and their responsible persons planned for the future.

Delivery time

Estimated delivery time of the product: 12 days

Special terms of delivery

No deliveries for nuclear or pharmaceutical industry.

Required specifications

  • The theme of the development day should be defined when placing the order; for example, process risk analyses, construction site safety, ATEX spaces, etc.
  • In addition, the purchaser should define their contact person with contact details, venue of the development day, and desired date for the event.


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