Design of a mobile workbench

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Manufacturing drawings and instructions of use in Finnish or English according to your specifications.

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Precautions for safe working must always be taken at all sites. This product includes the manufacturing drawings and instructions of use, in Finnish or English according to your specifications, of a mobile workbench in accordance with the standard SFS EN-131-7.

The product includes workbenches equipped with ladder and intended to be used by one person, the maximum load of which is 150 kg, and workbenches with a maximum surface area of 1 m² and a height ranging from 2 m to 5 m.

The product is made of steel or aluminium in accordance with the requirements imposed by its use for construction or industrial purposes.

Delivery time

Estimated delivery time of the product: 20 workdays

Required specifications

The work will be carried out according to specifications provided by the purchaser. Specifications required for the work are:

  1. Desired height of the workbench
  2. Limitations set by the working site
  3. Using environment and reserved space


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