Condition assessment of industrial structures

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Condition assessment of industrial site structures, including a detailed observation report.

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Product information


You will receive a detailed report on our observations and on the condition of the site, completed with photos. If needed, we will give recommendations for procedures and propose additional investigations for the following five years, for example. We will also provide price estimates for the recommended procedures and additional investigations.

Upon delivery, we will walk you through the report in a remote discussion (Teams meeting). We will utilise 360-degree images at the discussion.


  • Preliminary familiarisation to the site, using materials provided by the customer, at the office
  • Pre-visit questions to the customer, if applicable
  • Site visit; visual inspection of the structures
  • If needed, thermal camera imaging of any heat leakage; humidity measurement
  • Site photo shoot with a 360 camera and a regular camera
  • User interviews to pinpoint problems
  • Detailed examination of existing drawings at the office; analysis of the findings
  • Writing of the report

Delivery time

Estimated delivery time of the product: 40 workdays (2 months)

Required specifications

Specifications required for delivering the product:
  • A brief description of needs
  • Special regulations at the site, for example: protective equipment required/not required, EX site, filming permit, and site access pass (pass training)
  • After placing the order and being in contact with the supplier: existing structural drawings and calculations, description of any observed problem(s), reports of prior inspections/condition assessments
Our product manager will discuss the specifications with you before initiating the delivery.


Our product managers go through all orders and make sure that the ordered products fulfill the customer's needs. They also check that the order has been placed correctly, sufficient specifications have been provided, and the ordered work can be delivered within the promised schedule.

If you feel uncertain about which product to choose or have any other questions about the products, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Arto Rastas Rejlers

Arto Rastas
PRODUCT MANAGER: Condition assessment of industrial structures
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